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Student Housing Options

Students at University of Tennessee all have one thing in common — finding the best housing for rent. But don’t let it overwhelm you. Use this as a guide from The Retreat at Knoxville to learn about the different types of UT housing and find the right fit for you.

Find The Best Knoxville Student Rentals

Dorms At UT

Whether you’re a freshman or graduate student at UT, the best thing about dorms is their proximity to campus. Almost everything is within walking distance, including classes, libraries, bars and restaurants. Living in an on-campus dorm is a great advantage for those who value convenience and don’t want to spend time commuting to campus. However, UT housing does have some rules to live by, like having no candles in your room, abiding by a curfew or possibly being stuck living with a roommate who you may not like. And get ready to haul your laundry to the laundry facility, because most residence halls don’t have washers or dryers in the rooms.

Off-Campus Student Apartments For Rent

Apartments in Knoxville provide you with a better sense of freedom when compared to dorms on campus. If you’ve experienced a difficult roommate, you’re able to lease a one-bedroom apartment, or you can live with up to four or five friends. Although you have more freedom, you now have to worry about paying utility bills — water, electricity and/or Internet — if it’s not included in your rent, and you may have first-come, first-served parking, which can be a hassle. Finding an apartment complex with ample parking in a college town brings about all sorts of challenges. In addition, a number of apartments for rent are much farther from campus, so be prepared to check bus routes to UT campus.

Knoxville Townhomes & Condominiums

If your neighbors are too loud in your dorm or apartment, townhomes or condominiums for rent are a great option. Many of these complexes accommodate graduate students or families, so the noise level will be at its minimum during weeknights — you can also pull all-nighters and won’t have to worry about going to the library. Similar to Knoxville apartments, parking can be an issue. Try to look for complexes that have large parking lots instead of neighborhood parking. If there is neighborhood parking, inviting friends over could be a challenge, and they may have to park a distance from your townhouse or condominium.

Student Houses Near Campus

Renting a house can be trickier than renting apartments in Knoxville. Paying rent on houses may be a cheaper option if you have multiple roommates, but the utility bill could be far more expensive, especially once winter comes around. Rental homes do offer more space, and you can split the rent between more roommates in a larger house, but you may be on the hook for lawn care and home maintenance.

Luxury Apartments

What if you could combine all the great features and amenities from each type of housing option and bundle that into one apartment complex? It’s actually easier than it sounds. Luxury apartments in Knoxville, TN are great housing options for UT students — incoming freshmen, fifth-year seniors or even graduate students. Located just two-and-a-half miles away from UT campus, The Retreat at Knoxville can be your home away from home. These luxury cottages offer you the space of a townhome and the close proximity to campus of a dorm.

Each cottage offers hardwood floors, updated appliances and security systems. You don’t have to worry about sharing one bathroom with your roommates either — each spacious bedroom offers a private bathroom suite. And the amenities don’t stop there. The gated community provides residents ample parking, a resort-style pool and a leading-edge fitness center — plus a lot more! You don’t want to miss out on this kind of UT housing. Don’t settle for old houses or over-priced apartments in Knoxville, TN. Schedule a tour of The Retreat at Knoxville, or apply now to become a resident.

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